Villas for rent in Positano holidays in Amalfi coast

One of the main destinations chosen by people to spend pleasant holidays is Positano. Thanks to its extraordinary features, this city,which is located in Campania and precisely in the province of Salerno, has been defined as “the pearl” of the Amalfi Coast.

This city has a mild climate and it is made up of long steps that connect the heart of the city with the beach made of grey sand.

The two most famous and haunted beaches of Positano are “Spiaggia Grande” and “Spiaggia di Fornillo” which have the advantage to be able to be reached on foot.

The wonderful landscape is made of a clear sky that blend with an extraordinary blue sea hit by the rays of the sun that always shines and it is enriched by the presence of particular, small and white houses in the Moorish style.

Deciding to spend your holiday in Positano you will live some special moments that you will never forget.

The starting point to organize a perfect holiday is to choose how to get to Positano: in fact there are many transports available to reach it.

People can choose between the travel by airplane, with arrival to tha airport of Naples “Capodichino”,by train, by car or seaborne by boat. Surely to book your holiday ahead may allow you to access to the best offers made by the various tour operators.

Another thing to consider is that once you arrive in Positano, you need to find an accommodation: there are many opportunities available. So as first option you can decide to stay in hotel, choosing between those situated on site. In fact there are hotels included between two and five stars, with different characteristics.

In these structures you can find all comforts as: air conditioning, wi fi service for people who don’t want to give up to surf in internet and Tv.

A great and excellent opportunity is represented by the possibility of renting a villa in Positano. In fact these wonderful and historical villas can give you a holiday of relaxion and tranquility, feeling at home but with the advantage to live some days in a place that looks a fable.

Instead if you want to have a relaxing and regenerating holiday, the right choice is to spend it in a bed & breakfast. These buildings are situated in an unique geographical position: they are surrounded by fragant lemon trees and by green vineyard with a fantastic view on the sea.

In Positano many activities are available as a mini cruise by boat, to admire the exceptional sea and the marvelous Amalfi Coast. It is also possible to make some trips in the countryside or some walks in the center of Positano where there are many shops, markets and restaurants.