The Amalfi coast: romance and history

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The Amalfi coast: romance and history

Have you ever seen a spectacular panoramic sea-edge road which hugs the cliffs? If not, it means you have never been in Amalfi. It is called the “Divina Costiera” because of the panorama you can enjoy: it can’t be described with words, it is breathless.

The small towns you can find along the the coast literally rise up from the rocks, looking like a Nativity scene. That is one of the reasons they are famous and well-known in Europe. Lovers come to Amalfi to enjoy a lovely weekend or vacation, full of love, happiness, romantic views and sunsets.

Positano is the place related to fashion: it’s like a small Milan or Rome, with expensive boutiques; Amalfi is the ancient Marine Republic that hosts the big cathedral; Ravello hosts stately cliff-top mansions, and festivals; and finally, Furore, the small fishing village. These are nothing but some precious elements of the place, such as jewels adorning the unforgettable coast.

In all these towns, as well as in the villages nearby, you can find some traces of the ancient Greek, Romans, Arabs and Byzantines. The history of the civilization is really full of events that marked the Amalfi coast. You can see it in the arches, mosaics, statues and sculptures that there are in the area to testify the richness of the place conquerred by so many people. As you know, in fact, the most interesting places in our country are those inked to the sea, where strangers could easily arrive and star a new battle just to win a city.

A weekend or a vacation along the coast is also the chance to go to the Cilento, totally immersed in the Mediterranean Sea, where you can find nature, nature and nature again. There are secrets beaches too, which are a part of the most beautiful stretches of the Italian coastline.