Palazzo Pitti in Florence: the family behind it

Near the Dome, in the center of Florence, you can find Palazzo Pitti. The palace takes the name from the family who owned it, which can be translated in English as “crazy”.

It’s a pretty interesting story, since the family is connected to a murder.

In order to understand the situation better, we have to go back to the first crusade: a man who became known as “Pazzo” or “Pazzino” was the leader of the Florentine soldiers in Jerusalem. Since he was the first who reached the city’s walls, he put the flage of the Crusades.

The second time we hear about him is from the Sommo Poeta, Dante Alighieri. In the “Divine Comedy”, the poet placed two members of the Pazzi family in the circle of traitors, due to the fact that they killed a Bishop.

Actually this is not enough, in fact, the most famous acts in which the family got involed are the murder of Giuliano de’ Medici and the attempted murder of Lorenzo de’ Medici. It was Easter Sunday 1478: during mass, in front of a crowd of 10,000 people who were gathered in the church Santa Maria del Fiore, Giuliano de Medici was stubbed 19 times, in the name of liberty. Even if the assassination was done in the name of liberty for the city, the citizens turned on cospirators.

The people involved were thrown through the windows, dragged on the streets or thrown in the Arno river, and the episode got known under the name of the Pazzi Conspiracy. Actually it was not a simple unorganized coup attempt, since the conspirators had the full backing of the Pope.

The symbol of the family, as you can see on the palace, are two golden fishes and five golden crosses on a blue background, and its power is shown through all the beautiful and meaningful shapes you can find inside.