Don Bosco’s rooms in Turin

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The figure of Don Bosco is related to the city of Turin and his room is one of the most visited places, even from people not so close to the church.

Don Bosco built is own room in 1853, creating a new wing beside the Pinardi House. In 1861 he understood the place had to be bigger, so he connected the area with the so-called Casa Filippi in order to double size the wing.

The new space was used in the following way: a large covered archway, which can still be seen today, on the ground floor¸ a dormitory on the first floor, a library on the second floor and, next to it, Don Bosco’s new room. This new one was opened onto the room he had lived before, which became a waiting room for guests.

Later in 1874-75 the priest started on the final extension of the terrace putting up walls and a ceiling, and the house took on the shape that we can still today. On the new gable roof he also put the small statue of Holy Mary, as a symbol.

The new expansion meant that three rooms were added to the bedrooms: the one in the front was converted into a gallery with large windows, the second was used as a private chapel and the third became at first Don Bosco’s secretary’s room, then the place where he died.

In 1929, year when the priest was beatified, Fr. Philip Rinaldi wanted to alter the area where the Saint had lived into a museum, having all his documents, personal objects and writings. The purpose was to let visitors view all of them, in order to have a very good memory of a such important man who helped youngs in particular.