Discovering the Romanzesu village in Sardinia

romanzesu village

Once you are in the area of the city of  Nuoro, in Sardinia, if you want to visit something different and interesting, that can be liked from both adults and childre, opt for the Romanzesu village.

Simply called Romanzesu, it is an extensive prehistoric small place located in Sardinia.

It is considered a sacred site since it collects about one hundred stone huts, and five religious structures.

One of them is a well temple, while the others are four temples called megaron, used back in the past to celebrate some ceremonies. All the site is spread around the holy well, which is connected to a stone-slab basin.

Most of the artefacts that the complex hosts are from both Late and Final Bronze Ages, which means back in 13th – 9th Centuries BC, even if the pottery are from the 16th Century, the period called Middle Bronze Age.

Are you ready to learn something new realted to the culture and the ancient tradition of the Sardinia island? What a better way to find out more about it.

Reaching the place is not that difficult: arriving at Nuoro, drive along the SS 389 street, which leads you towards the industrial area of Prato Sardo. Once there, cross the SS 131 street, heading for Bitti. Then go straight to the SS 389  street following the street signal for Buddusò. Arriving at the km 54.2, turn right and continue for about 2 km, followings the signals that let you reach the parking lot.
In order to discover more about the village, you can directly check the municipality website, or write an e-mail to or

If you prefer calling, then dial the following numbers:
the municipality ones: (+39) 0784 415124
(+39) 333 3211346
the cooperative one: (+39) 0784 414314