Discovering the beautiful Ventimiglia

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In order to be able to completely understand the beautiful town of Ventimiglia, it is mandatory to be familiar with the Roman archaeology, as well as both the medieval and modern architecture.

There, in fact, not only you will be able to hear people speaking Italian, French and the local dialect, but you will also find the old part of the town, having the Roman theatre, that looks ready to hold a play.

Then, beyond the Roja river, you will see the medieval village, which has beautiful walls and great stone archivolts, not to mention the Cathedral of the Assumption. A must see place while you are in Ventimiglia, as well as the Church of Saint Augustin, which is located along the sea in the modern area.

If you like festivities related to culture, you can’t miss the Battle of Flowers, which takes place in July and the Medieval August Festival, which attracts so many tourists from both Italy and France.

Don’t worry if you don’t know the foreign languages, you can easily speak English, but have a chance to enjoy people talking in French, especially on Friday, during the open air market, where you can sneak around and see if there is something you like.

Prices are very cheap and you can find some great deals. The same can be said about the one in Bordighera, which takes place on Thursday.

It only takes 5 minutes from Ventimiglia to Bordighera by train and 10 by bus, and public transportations are very well connected,so you can easily visit both of them if you are in Liguria for just a weekend.
Have a walk on the beach, enjoy an aperitivo in the bars along the sea and forget the coat into the hotel: even in fall and winter, the temperature is still high there, so a jacket is definitely more than enough.