Coming to Italy in August

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italy in august

If you decided to come to Italy during this month, be prepared for the long line at the museums, especially the most important ones, such as the Uffizi in Florence or the Last Supper Museum in Milan or the Vatican Museums in Rome.

In fact, even though many Italians leave the cities, you won’t have them to yourself, because only the local neighborhoods, particularly those out of the center, will be very calm, but the trodden tourist path won’t be.

That’s because the tourist site and traps will be open in August, exept for some who are closed on August 15th (Ferragosto), such as the Vatican Museum, which possibily are also closed the next day. But don’t worry, if you are in Rome: the Colosseum and the forum, for example, are open every day, such as other monuments in other cities, so just check on-line.

Due to business, the touristy establishments, such as the the restaurants in Piazza Navona, the cafes on St. Mark’s Square, the souvenir shops outside the Dome in Florence tend to be open in August, and the raise the prices, because the Italian market related to tourism allow them.

The same can be said about coastal towns and islands: they won’t just be open, they will be hopping! So, never mind: you definitely won’t be alone on an Italian beach in August. That’s because Italians go to Sardinia, Sicily, Capri, San Marino on vacations, so stores, restaurants and souvenir shops will be open. Not only you will find whatever you want, but you will be in the middle of a huge crowd, having towns and beaches packed!

Just take a deep breath and keep in mind it’s the last time people in this country can enjoy their vacation, since early in September they have to go back to work and school.