5 Terre: a wonderful place in Liguria

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5 Terre: a wonderful place in Liguria

Summer is coming, and you should not stay in the caotic city during the weekend. Even if you don’t have a lot of free time, you can of course find a single day to rest and do something different.

Well, go to the seaside in Liguria, especially if you have never been at the “5 Terre”.

An excursion to the “5 Terre” represents an intensive and unforgettable day dedicated to the discovery of one of the most amazing and enchanting landscapes in the world: five (cinque in Italian) picturesque villages, suspended between sea and land, where we can truely immerse ourselves in paradise.

Forget your work or study for a day, and enjoy this place, having lunch or dinner in a restaurant where you can order the best sea dish.

We suggest you to start the visit at daybreak, in order to have a whole day to relax, walk around and enjoy the seaside. For those who arrive at La Spezia, a good idea could be leave the car there and take a motorvessel in order to stop at Portovenere, a small village where tourists can enjoy a stroll along the narrow streets and the small alleyways before leaving for Monterosso.

As you land at Monterosso, you will be overcome by its enchanting sand beaches and its lush vegetation surrounding the small village: the visit is free for independent sightseeing. Take the chance to visit around without having hurry, and visit the small souvenir shops where you can find some very cute postcards to send to your friends.

The excursion can continue towards Vernazza, the fourth town heading North into the Cinque Terre. This seaside town surrounded by a little natural port is one of the truest “fishing villages” on the Italian Riviera.