2 must see places in Italy: which ones and why?


There are too many places in Italy which are not as famous as the others. Even if they are great, tourists tend to skip them, since their popularity reaches a very low level.

Its gritty charm can be definitely addictive, in fact it Naples is the birthplace of pizza, and all kind of food there is excellent. Moreover, it’s also a great jumping-off point to go to visit both Pompeii or the Amalfi Coast. What a nice way to relax and discover new places rich of history and mystery due to their past.

The system, as you can you read on the Italian newspaper, it is not as ordinary as the one in the other cities, since crime, unfortunately, can be a really strong component of the city and it is important to alert tourists, in order to give them an idea of what they could find once they arrive to the city and decide to explore it through the poorest neighbors.

Cinque Terre
Even if the Cinque Terre are popular among strangers, they visit them only if they have extra time, or if they come to Italy another time. That’s a pity, since the five villages (the literal translation of “cinque terre”) are basically towns which are often stuffed to the gills during the summer.

If you are looking for a quiet place where to relax and enjoy the nature, that’s definitely your place. Keep in mind that the hike between the five villages is just one of the big draws, as are the beaches along that part of the Ligurian Coast.

Talking about food, the Cinque Terre is famous for its dessert wine, which is called sciacchetrà, and its anchovies. Don’t be surprised if you will see them on everything: they are really tasty and you have to give them a try.