The Sport Museum in Turin

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sport museum in turin

Welcome to Turin, folks! If you have almost visit every museum in the city, and you want to see something different and new, the Sport Museum is the right place where to go.

It is not only related to soccer-the main Italian sport well known all over the world- but to all the sports. So, ladies, don’t think about being bored, you will definitely enjoy it, as well as your kids!

Located in via Filadelfia, very well connected to the center by bus and taxi, the museum happens to be the first and the only one in Italy to be permanent.

There you can find more than 3.000 objects, and it is a continuous work in progress, occupying a very big space where you can find t-shirts and accessories of most of the great champions in all the sport disciplines. Some examples? Soccer, swim, boxe, tennis, basket, volleyball, bike and ski.

Think about some big names such as Enzo Ferrari, Primo Carnera, Fausto Coppi, del Piero, Totti, Zidane or Valentino Rossi.

Explore the two floors and lean something more about all these people, the awards they won and their history. It’s such an interesting idea and children simply love it.

Opened in 2012, the museum is not considered at the same level of the others in the city: the local administration is not helping the owners by giving them some sort of advertisement or funds to hightlight the place. This is a pity, since most of the visitors who go there really like the place and let some great reviews and feedback on the FB page of the museum.

Do not miss this very precious jewel inside the city: book a tour and enjoy it, refereshing your memory and looking for your favorite sport heroes all around the place.

The Sport Museum
via Filadelfia 96/B
10134 Turin

Telephone: (+39) 011 19785617