I love you, Aosta Valley

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Aosta Valley

Being the smallest region in Italy, doesn’t mean that Aosta Valley isn’t a fascinating place.

Located in the North-West part of the county, it is situated in a strategic position between France and Switzerland.

Well known for having only one province, which is Aosta, which also happens to be the regional capital, Aosta Valley is the right place to visit for those who love mountains.

There, in fact, tourists can find the highest peaks in the Alps, starting from the Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in Europe which is considered the roof of the old Continent, being located at 15,781 feet.

Then visitors can also climb the other top mountains, such as the Mont Rosa, the Gran Paradiso and the Cervino.

Those who don’t like mountains but simply want to admire the amazing view, can easily use the very comfortable cable cars, located just a few miles from Courmayeur, one of the most important ski resorts in the world.

People who are in love with nature can’t miss the chance to go to the National Park, the Gran Paradiso, located in the beautiful context of both mountains and valleys.

In there it is possible to see some animals such as marmots, eagles, ibex and chamois in their natural habitat, walking around the vegetation that changes according to the surrounding environment.

What a great way to spend a weekend or even only a day in such a wonderful place, full of history related to the control both Italy and France wanted to have on the region.

Aosta Valley has always caused so many conjuncture to both the countries, which wanted to impose their language to its place. The result is that the region has an official bilingualism- guess which are the two languages involved- which makes it even more curious to visit and explore. This is also the reason why it has a special status which makes it an autonomous region.