Activities to do in Cuneo province

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The city of Cuneo is mostly known to be located close to France, but there is definitely more to know about it.

In fact, once you are in the province, you can choose between several different activities, according to your taste.

So here there are some tips to enjoy the Cuneo province, according to your hobbies and passions.

If you like relax and your vacation is a way to esape from your busy everyday life, book a spa day in one of the thermal stations located in Valdieri, Vinadio, Garessio or Lurisia. They are the best health centers in the area, letting you rejuvenating. In order to believe it, of course you have to try it out. You will be able to feel the difference after the treatments, and your staying in Italy will be more amazing than ever.

If you prefer nature and walking, go to one of these two natural parks: the Parco Naturale delle Alpi Marittime or the Parco Fluviale Gesso-Stura. You will be able to find a lot of hiking trails and you can also rent a bike to follow the biking trails which lets you discover several lovely path in the green.

Of course in these days it’s not possible since it’s still snowing and it looks like it doesn’t want to stop. During spring find a day to explore the Italian nature: you won’t regret it!

If you like skiing, now it’s your time! Both piedmontese mountains and valleys offer you so many winter sports. Go to one of the ski stations and resorts which are fully equipped and they give you snowshoes and everything you didn’t bring from home.

Trekking trails, as well as the ski pistes, can be choosen according to their degree of difficulty, so they can easily satisfy all the mountain lovers.