A taste of Sicily

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A taste of Sicily

Before going to Catania, there are two towns that deserve a visit: Arcireale and Acicastello.

Arcireale is famous not only for its thermal waters, but also for its historic center, where there are many different baroque masterpieces, such as the Cathedral and the Palazzo Musmeci.

The prefix Aci is linked to a figure that is related to the Greek mythology. According to it, the beautiful Sicilian shepherd Acis and the lover, such a Nereid Galatea, were brutally murdered by his rival, the famous cyclops Polyphemus.
Talking about Acicastello, it is famous because of its Norman Castle, which is built entirely with black volcanic rock. You can’t miss the chance to visit it, you will like it a lot.

Moving closer to Catania, you can find the Mount Etna, the constantly active, 3300 m high volcano in Sicily. The Mount Etna National Park, created so as to protect the unique natural environment surrounding the crater, organize interesting trekking and walks, letting you discover the magic of this place.

If you visit it in winter, you can hitch a ride by cable car and pass above the snow covered mountainall the way to the black tip of the crater. Such a thrilling experience, definitely.

Finally, welcome to Catania. In the center, in Piazza Duomo, there is a volcanic stone elephant supporting an Egyptian obelisk. It is opposite one of city’s most interesting churches, the baroque cathedral dedicated to Saint Agata.
Frederick II of Swabia, during the 13th century, wanted to build the Ursino Castle, a very massif construction that survived the violent tremors. Today it is become a Civic Museum, where you can consult all the documents you  are interested in.
Not only Greek people were in Sicily, but also the Romans: that explains why in the city there are some ruins,  such as an amphitheater and a theater.