True love can be found in Verona

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True love can be found in Verona

There’s no place in the world as romantic as Verona, the legendary city of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Not even Paris can let you feel that emotion this Italian city is capabable of.

Every day, thousands of lovers, from all over the world, come to Verona to visit the city, especially the places associated with the love story.

The House of Juliet, the unforgettable balcony, the statue of the girl, the wall where you can share your love and the House of Romeo: these are the mostvisited places in the city, as well as the wonderful Arena, which still is the symbol of Verona.

The House of Juliet is located in via Cappello, and it is the most photographed of all the sites linked to the legend. But most of the people don’t know that the whole structure has been completely rebuilt in the early 20th century, and the balcony has been added only at that time.

This means this place has almost nothing to do with all the legend. A kiss in front of the bronze statue in the garden, under the balcony, is mandatory, even if you don’t believe it will wish you good luck in love.

You can have access to the Terrazza degli Innamorati (Lover’s Terrace in English), which is now an integral part of one of the Verona’s theaters, the Teatro Stabile. The terrace is one of the most romantic viewing points in the whole city: according to Shakespeare, it is the place where the two lovers felt in love for the first time.

Even the wall is something new: the project of the “Lovestone”, where couples can leave an indelible sign of their love was launched only recently and in 2008, thanks to the new technologies, lovers can also use some lasers to write on the wall. Then they will receive a certificate that remembers them the number and position of the tile.