The Dolce Stil Novo restaurant in Venaria

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Once in Turin, almost all the tourists go to Venaria to see the famous palace, the so-called Reggia di Venaria. How many of them know about the restaurant located on the top floor?

Just above the Gallery of Diana there is the Dolce Stil Novo restaurant, which is renamed after Dante Alighieri.

In the book the poet talks about the love for a woman, and in this place you can fall in love with the delicious dishes. So, the name is simply perfect, isn’t it?

The cuisine of the chef Alberto Rosso has one specific goal: respecting both the traditional Italian and the regional Piedmontese cuisine. In order to do this, so many researches were necessary in order to find all the dishes related to the desire and the innovation.

The result is an original creative style, since all the dishes are capable of powerfully evoking a collective reminiscence of taste, reinventing amusing and surprising dishes.

A very nice place where to eat at, especially during spring or summer, when the weather is warmer and you can eat outside, having a wonderful view of the surrounding area while, downstairs, fountains are turned on.

It is a pleasure not only for the eyes, but also for the taste: all the courses are delicious, having the perfect wine match that will make your appreciate more the food.

A unique chance to have a romantic and not ordinary dinner in a very specific location, usually seen in movies due to elegance and prestige of the Reggia.

The waiters are available to satisfy all your needs, in order to let you enjoy every single particular of the night, from your first minute you enter into the restaurant.

Who doesn’t like to be treated in a very exclusive way? I am pretty sure you like that, so take your chance to do something different while you are in Turin.