Sant Peter’s Island

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san pietro island in sardinia

San Peter’s Island, friendly called “l’isola dell’isola” (the island of the island), is the biggest island of Sardinia, and the fifth bigger island of Italy.

This island lies off the coast of Portoscuso, on the south-western side of Sardinia. It is a really vip destination, where wealthy people usually go with their yachts. The reason is quite simple ; here you can find a perfect crystal sea.

Even if you still haven’t a personal yacht, we suggest you to visit this place, expecially if you like green, wild and unpollutted landscapes. There are about eight ferries each day going to and from Carloforte, the main town of San Pietro’s island. On the island, there are many things to do, other than going to the sea. A visit to the old lighthouse, for example, will be funny and romantic at the same time.

More, if you like birdwatching, San Pietro’s Island is going to be your paradise. In this island you can find the famous Queen’s Hawk ; a huge colony made by hundreds of exemplaries lives here, four months every year. The only other place where you can see this Hawk is non other than Madagascar ! The other natural treasure of this island is the the colony of Pink Flamingos. In Italy there are only a few places where you can see Pink Flamingos, and San Peter’s island is one of them.

Finally, when in San Peter, you can enjoy tasty and “always fresh” fish, caught and usually also cooked directly by fishermans on the seaside of Carloforte. The small city is adorable, something you can’t find anywhere else. We suggest you to have a long walk, maybe during the afternoon, taking lots of pictures.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license, courtesy by: -Chiotas-