Italy seen with an Erasmus’s eyes

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Italy is a lovely place Erasmus students choose for their semester abroad, since they think everything is great here. Unfortunately, when they arrive, they realize it’s not like that. Why? Because of disorganization!

Italians are organized very bad! Once a foreigner student goes to the University asking for assistance, employees start to send him/her to one office to the other, since apparently no one knows how to manage this new person.

This is not possible, if we compare Italy with the rest of the EU: in all the other Countries, universities are very well organized and there are tutors who always deal with Erasmus, helping them figuring which classes to follow and how to find and accommodation.
“It’s not easy to arrive in a new city and don’t have anyone who can help you figuring out how to live and study there” says Charlotte, an English student who arrived in Turin about a month ago.

“I had no idea about where to go to live, since I didn’t know how far the University was compared to the rest of the city. I stayed in a hostel for a week, trying to figure out where I could find some advertisings on the internet. Thank God Facebook has the Erasmus Torino Point page and I was able to look for some people who were looking for roommates” she explains, underling the fact that it wasn’t easy to find an internet cafè where to have the chance to have free-wifi.

Charlotte is not the only one who complained about the way we welcome foreign students: Sarka, another Erasmus girl from Czech Republic basically said the same things, since she found studying here very hard, having no tutor who could give her the basic information.

So, before thinking about to come to Italy, contact the University you are interested in!