How to deal with tips in Italy

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How to deal with tips in Italy

Tips are pretty much mandatory in the USA, but not in Italy. In fact, we don’t tip, unless during some specific events like weddings or baptisms, in which the waiters of the restaurant can be a small extra like 5 euros.

But that’s it: bartenders, waiters in the bars, clubs and pubs don’t receive any tips.

Due to these facts, too many owners try to play their last card by letting you pretend that it is usual to tip when you ask for the check.

They focus on the fact that you are used to and you definitely don’t find it strange. So, you pay extra and they are happy. Honestly, this is so wrong, and it is not a matter of money, but respect and loyalty.

Something owners don’t think about, especially if they find out you are in Italy for the 1st time. Due to that, in fact, there should be any reasons why you should know how to deal with tips.

If you are smart enough or if you read some tourist guide, you can easily find out how to deal with it. If not, be careful when you pronounce the “keep the chance” sentence. There is no percentage to calculate, nothing written, so don’t be afraid of easily saying “no” if they insist.

Don’t feel rude because you are not. You simply are pointing out that according to the law you don’t have to give extra money, but you can do it if you think the service was really good.

In the worse cases, you can also go to the closest police station and report the facts.

Do not let anyone ruin your vacation, especially if it is your first time in the Italian country. Let everyone respect you as a person, not only as a tourist.