Visit Siena in Italy

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Visit Siena in Italy

Positioned into the heart of Tuscany, Siena is one of the most beautiful city of this area, and probably of the entire Italy.

Surrounded by the well known Colline del Chianti, where you can taste the famous wine of the same name, Siena will impress you with monuments, landscapes and culture.

You can reach Siena by plane (Siena Airport is just 10 minutes away from the city), train or car. If you are planning a trip to Siena, keep in mind that no cars are allowed in the center of the city. You’ll be asked to drop your car outside of the old walls.

The first place you should visit is Piazza del Campo. This huge shell-looking square is overtopped by the Torre del Mangia (Mangia’s Tower), an impressive building from the nineteenth century. Sneak a peek from the top of the tower, the panorama of the city is really amazing.

Piazza del Campo is well known also for the Palio Race, a traditional horse race that takes place on July the 2nd and August the 16th. From the top of the tower you’ll be able to see perfectly the entire racetrack.

From Piazza del Campo Square, head west through Via dei Pellegrini and you’ll reach the famous Dome of Siena. This Romanesque church is particularly interesting for the colours used. Black and White are repeated like a chessboard. Inside the Battistero, a building positioned on the side of the Dome, you can admire the famous Maestà, Duccio’s masterpiece.

If you like drawings, near to the Dome you may visit also the Pinacoteca of Siena. There you will find drawings made by famous italian artists from Middle Age to Reinassance period, like Pinturicchio, Duccio, Fungai and many others. Before going to the Pinacoteca, we strongly suggest you to check opening time on its website.

Siena has been also the hometown of many famous people. Santa Caterina for example, one of the most important figures of Catholicism. Even if you are not a believer, you’ll find interesting a visit to her house. Finally, head to a traditional “osteria” for your lunch or your dinner. Food in Tuscany is delicious, and Siena, in particular, can offer you a wide range of traditional dishes like Ribollita, Pici al Sugo or Pappa col Pomodoro.

Image Flickr Creative Commons license, courtesy by: tbee