How to deal with tips in Italy

tipsTips are pretty much mandatory in the USA, but not in Italy. In fact, we don’t tip, unless during some specific events like weddings or baptisms, in which the waiters of the restaurant can be a small extra like 5 euros.

But that’s it: bartenders, waiters in the bars, clubs and pubs don’t receive any tips.

Due to these facts, too many owners try to play their last card by letting you pretend that it is usual to tip when you ask for the check.

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The Sport Museum in Turin

sport museum in turinWelcome to Turin, folks! If you have almost visit every museum in the city, and you want to see something different and new, the Sport Museum is the right place where to go.

It is not only related to soccer-the main Italian sport well known all over the world- but to all the sports. So, ladies, don’t think about being bored, you will definitely enjoy it, as well as your kids!

Located in via Filadelfia, very well connected to the center by bus and taxi, the museum happens to be the first and the only one in Italy to be permanent.

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Discovering the Romanzesu village in Sardinia

romanzesu villageOnce you are in the area of the city of Nuoro, in Sardinia, if you want to visit something different and interesting, that can be liked from both adults and childre, opt for the Romanzesu village.

Simply called Romanzesu, it is an extensive prehistoric small place located in Sardinia.

It is considered a sacred site since it collects about one hundred stone huts, and five religious structures.

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Discovering the beautiful Ventimiglia

ventimigliaIn order to be able to completely understand the beautiful town of Ventimiglia, it is mandatory to be familiar with the Roman archaeology, as well as both the medieval and modern architecture.

There, in fact, not only you will be able to hear people speaking Italian, French and the local dialect, but you will also find the old part of the town, having the Roman theatre, that looks ready to hold a play.

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Hotel per tutti i gusti a Rimini

Hotel a Rimini per ogni esigenzaTutti sanno che Rimini è una città votata al turismo, almeno questa è l’idea che ognuno di noi ne ha da tanti anni a questa parte e in effetti questo è l’indirizzo che alla città è stato dato.

Nel corso dei decenni gli alberghi si sono moltiplicati, dapprima ci sono state le pensioni e piccoli hotel a gestione familiare, poi via via sono apparsi dei grandi Hotel fino ad arrivare ai giorni nostri, dove troviamo tutte le alternative possibili per trascorrere una vacanza in romagna.

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Trattamenti benessere nelle spa in Alto Adige

Trattamenti benessere nelle spa in Alto AdigeTrattamenti benessere nelle spa in Alto Adige: i trattamenti benessere offerti dalle spa altoatesine si distinguono nel panorama nazionale grazie all’ampia scelta nelle proposte offerte e alla splendida cornice naturale nella quale le strutture sono inserite.

Grazie alla presenza delle incantevoli montagne della regione, le spa dell’Alto Adige trovano luogo in scenari mozzafiato, dove è possibile godere di una natura ricca e capace di donare un profondo effetto riequilibrante alle persone che vi soggiornano.

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Visitare il Kenya per vacanza

Visitare il Kenya per vacanzaUna delle fantastiche mete di vacanza che si possono visitare quasi tutto l’anno e certamente il Kenya, il paese centroafricano, offre infatti un clima splendido nella maggior parte dei mesi dell’anno e, se si ha cura di evitare il periodo delle piogge che va dal mese di Aprile a quello di Giugno, si può andare tranquilli, avendo ottime possibilità di incontrare un clima favorevole.

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Arriving in Turin: what next?

If you are planning to go to Turin, especially if you are an Erasmus student, the first thing to do is understanding where to get off the train or the bus if you are coming from the airport. In fact, in both cases, you have 2 options: Porta Susa or Porta Nuova, according to where you have to go.

Porta Susa is close to Piazza Statuto, via Garibaldi-one of the main streets in the city- and you can reach Piazza Castello– the main square in the center- by catching bus number 13 as soon as you exit the train station. If you are on the bus arriving from the airport, you will find the bust stop right in front of you, near the metro station, so you can’t miss it.

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Don Bosco’s rooms in Turin

The figure of Don Bosco is related to the city of Turin and his room is one of the most visited places, even from people not so close to the church.

Don Bosco built is own room in 1853, creating a new wing beside the Pinardi House. In 1861 he understood the place had to be bigger, so he connected the area with the so-called Casa Filippi in order to double size the wing.

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Italy seen with an Erasmus’s eyes

italyItaly is a lovely place Erasmus students choose for their semester abroad, since they think everything is great here. Unfortunately, when they arrive, they realize it’s not like that. Why? Because of disorganization!

Italians are organized very bad! Once a foreigner student goes to the University asking for assistance, employees start to send him/her to one office to the other, since apparently no one knows how to manage this new person.

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